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CitroŽn Traction Avant 15 Six

The 15 Six became the 15 Six D ('D' for 'droite' or right) in the summer of 1947 - the rotation direction of the engine was changed and a new gearbox with a lower second gear ratio was fitted. 

Above in 1949, the wheel trims were enlarged.
The range remained effectively unchanged until 1953 when, as with the 11CV, an extended boot was fitted below.

In 1954, the 15 Six H was launched, fitted with self-levelling hydropneumatic rear suspension at the rear and the front suspension torsion bars were elongated.  A pair of 15 Six H cars were used as the basis of presidential limousines intended for use by President Coty of France.

Above and below in 1954, the Familiale was relaunched.
With the launch of the DS19 in 1955, production of the 15 Six ceased. 
Above the Michelin Pilote wheels were replaced by plain steel wheels with a small chromed hubcap.
Above throughout the early 1950s, the 15 Six was the undisputed 'reine de la route' (queen of the road) in France
Above A new chromed radiator grille appeared in 1950
Below in 1954 the model badge moved to the centre of the boot lid and twin rear lights were fitted.
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