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CitroŽn PRN Satellites or 'lunule'

First seen in production in the CXbottom right ) (although first proposed by Michel Harmand in the stillborn Projet F) and then in early versions of the Visa and then the GSA (pictured below) and to the Oltcit Axel (bottom) and early versions of the BX, the PRN (Pluie = Rain, Route = Road, Nuit = Night) satellites were CitroŽn's highly ergonomic answer to the proliferation of switches and stalks that required twisting, pushing and pulling that were fitted to the majority of other manufacturers' cars.

All the controls were logically grouped around the steering wheel thereby allowing their operation without having to remove one's hands from the wheel.

Notwithstanding their superior ergonomics, a conservative clientele preferred a more conventional set up and modern CitroŽns are fitted with the by now traditional stalks. 

Below - the PRN satellites fitted to the GSA - early Visas used the left hand satellite only.
1  Windscreen washer
2  Windscreen wiper
3  Horn
4  Direction indicators
5  Dipped beam tell-tale
6  Side & tail lamps
7  Main beam headlamps
8  Headlamp flasher & main/dipper beam switches
Above - single PRN satellite fitted to series 1 Visas
Above - the GSA dashboard
Above - design study for the lunule
Above - as part of the 1981 restyle of the Visa, this layout was proposed and rejected in favour of a completely conventional layout
Above and right - proposals for a restyle of the GS
Below - the right hand satellite fitted to the GSA
9  Front fog lamps
10 Hazard warning
11 Econoscope on/off switch
12 Rear foglamps
13 Rear screen wash/wipe
14 Rear screen demister
15 Rear screen intermittent wipe
Above - early iteration of the PRN satellite fitted to CX prototype
Above the original CX dashboard
Above - design proposal for the AX - the production version used a completely conventional layout
Above - the Karin concept car featured the minor controls grouped in a semi-circle behind the steering wheel
Below - right hand drive series 1 CX layout

Below - the Series II CX PRN controls Above - the Series II CX dashboard
A Right hand indicator F Intermittent wipe
B Left hand indicator G intermittent wipe and wash
C Main beam/dip beam changeover H Timed wipe and wash
D Headlamp flasher I Horn
E Lighting switch - off - sidelamps - dipped/main lamps J Windscreen wiper switch - off - normal speed - high speed
Above - the PRN satellites fitted to the CitroŽn Axel and the Oltcit
Below - the PRN satellites fitted to the original BX
A : indicators
B : front fog lamps
C : lighting switch - off - side lamps - dipped/main beam - rear fogs/dipped/main beam - main/dip selector
D : spare switch
E : headlamp flasher
F : rear screen washer/wiper
G : heated rear screen
H : screen washer/2 speed plus intermittent wiper
I : hazard warning
J : horn
Above - another proposal for the Visa
Above - proposal for the BX
Above and below - proposals for the BX

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