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CitroŽn GSA

Right - in 1975, Heuliez proposed this hatchback version of the GS to CitroŽn. This was rejected but five years later CitroŽn launched its own hatchback version - the GSA.

In 1980, the GSA was launched, featuring a five door hatchback body, new dash featuring PRN satellites (in the UK the GSA soldiered on with the old style dash for a year or so) new plastic bumpers and a new grille. The 1 299cm3 engine from the GS X3 was fitted, along with a choice of four or five speed manual gearboxes or the three speed semi automatic. The range now comprised G Spťcial saloon and estate, GSA Club saloon and estate, GSA Pallas saloon and GSA X3 saloon.

In 1981, the G Spťcial was replaced by the GSA Spťcial.

Production of the GSA ended in 1986 although the engines continued to be used in the CitroŽn Axel (nťe Oltcit ) until 1995.

Above GSA belonging to Attila KŠlmŠnzhelyi

Above and below - the dash was an exercise in futurism with PRN satellites, a 'cyclops' eye speedo and a warning display with an outline of the berline - even on the break...

As with the GS, the GSA was available in 'warmed over' versions - the GSAX1 and the GSAX3 right. Early versions of the GSA Spťcial - above - used the small wheel embellishers of the GSX1 and GSX2

Above limited edition GSA Cottage Break from 1983

Above and below a GSA Spťcial that I used to own.

Left and below - beneath the front bumper were a pair of spoilers which helped the GSA achieve an unequalled CxS of 0,575.