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Panhard et Levassor : 1891 - 1967

The prototype Dyna 100 was shown at the 1946 Paris Salon and the car went on sale in 1947.


Longer than the AFG and fitted with four as opposed to two doors, the spare wheel was mounted in a holder above the rear bumper as opposed to on the boot.

The pictures on the right and above right show pre-production vehicles dating from 1945 and 1946.

The 1946 Salon version (below left) was all but identical to the pre-production car (below right). 

Publicity material for the Dyna - above left the first brochure from 1946, above right the 1947 brochure.

Below left - the Dyna 100 displayed at the 1948 Salon and below right - the car displayed at the 1947 Salon.


Below left and right the 1951 brochure depicting the newly available décapotable.

Above left - pre-production décapotable and right and below left the production version.

Above right - the break, below left and right - the commerciale

Above left - the découvrable and right - the 1952 brochure depicting the décapotable.  Below - the 1951 brochure.