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Panhard et Levassor : 1891 - 1967

PL 17 

1963 saw slight modifications to the PL 17 range.

The dashboard was revamped with a larger speedo and included a trip odometer.

The PL 17 was fitted with new ribbed wheels - not merely a styling artifice but part of the new ETA (Evacuation Thermique Accélérée) drum braking system which allowed rapid dissipation of heat and thereby overcame the problem of brake fade.  The system proved so successful in the 1962 24 Heures du Man that it was fitted to production cars.

All models, with the exception of the Berline Luxe had the spare wheel mounted under the bonnet.

The PL 17 Cabriolet ceased production in 1963.

The PL17 Break, shown at the 1962 Salon went into production in 1963.

Below two Dutch advertisements from 1963