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2CV Production Models 1955
2CV A - AU - AZ - AZU

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Launch of the 425 cc engine in the Berline AZ and Fourgonette AZU
Bore 66 mm Stroke 62 mm Capacity 425 cc
Fiscal horspower 2 CV
Compression ratio 6.2 : 1
12 bhp SAE @ 3 500 rpm 2.2 m.kg torque @ 2 000 rpm
Solex 26 BCI carburettor
6 blade cooling fan


AZ Berline is fitted with a centrifugal Trafficlutch which disengages when the engine is idling thereby permitting one foot driving in traffic.


Direction indicators fitted to C panel
Twin rear lamps incorporating a single stop lamp
New grille badge fitted incorporating chevrons not surrounded by an oval
Rubber bung fitted to front doors to permit windoew to be locked in fully open position


Light grey steering wheel
Illuminated instrument panel

The AZU Fourgonette was mechanically similar to the AZ Berline although the Trafficlutch was not fitted

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