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Ami Super

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Based on the Ami 8, the Ami Super was probably the ultimate Q car - the recipe is very simple:- take one of the slowest cars on the road - albeit a car with exemplary handling and roadholding, rip out its two cylinder 602cm3 engine and replace it with an engine with double the number of cylinders and nearly double the amount of power.
The engine was the air cooled, horizontally opposed flat four 1,015 cm3 unit from the GS .
The Ami Super was launched in January 1973 and also made use of the GS gearbox and front brakes.  This necessitated a floor mounted gearchange rather than the traditional "push-me, pull-you" A series shift.  Suspension was also unique to this model, lacking as it did the front to rear interconnection found on other 2CV derivatives.
Production of the Ami Super ceased in late 1976 after a production run of some 42 000 berlines, breaks and entreprises.

I have often wondered why CitroŽn didn't fit the M35 body to the Ami Super chassis and equip the car with the 1299cm3 engine from the GSA.

Ami Super Brief Test from June 1973 Autocar

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