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Evolution 1958 - 1969

In 1958, both the ID19 Luxe and Confort acquired chromed headlamp trims and the following year, larger wheel trims were fitted.

In 1959, the B and C pillars were trimmed in fluted aluminium with more slender ribbing than those fitted to the DS.

In 1960, the ID acquired 12 volt electrics.

In 1961, the telescopic bootlid stays of the DS were fitted to the Confort.

In 1961, powered brakes using a simplified version of the DS system were fitted.

From 1961 until 1969, all IDs had a white roof.

In 1962, the aluminium bumpers were replaced by the stainless steel ones fitted to the DS.

From 1962, the ID19 could be supplied with power steering.

In 1963, the plexiglass rear screen was replaced with a glass one.

In 1964, along with its sister the DS, the ID 19 acquired a redesigned nose with rubber overriders mounted in the bumpers.

Power was upped to 75 bhp in 1964 and a new dashboard was fitted.

In 1966, the 81 bhp DS engine was fitted to the ID.   Along with the new engine came enlarged air intakes in the front underpan.

Then in September 1966, a detuned version of the new short-stroke, five bearing 1 985 cm3 engine fitted to the DS was installed in the ID.  This new engine offered 84 bhp.  An alternator replaced the dynamo and the green LHM replaced the old red LHS hydraulic fluid.


In 1968, all the D Series cars received a new front - the self-levelling and directional lights of the DS were available as an option on IDs fitted with power steering but the ID came as standard with four fixed lights.

In 1969, the ID19 acquired the 91 bhp engine formerly fitted to the DS19 and a new model, the ID20, fitted with the 103 bhp engine from the DS20 was launched.

The ID20 was available in Confort trim only and used B and C pillars from the DS, had a painted roof and stainless steel indicator trumpets.  New seats were fitted to all ID models.