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D Series evolution 1969 - 1975

In 1969, the entire D range was revamped and renamed.

The ID19 became the D Spécial and the ID20 became the D Super.

A new three dial dashboard was fitted to all D series cars.

In 1970, a foot operated parking brake was fitted to the D Spécial and D Super and the latter car could be supplied with an optional five speed gearbox.

From 1971, the roof was the same colour as the body.

In 1972, recessed door handles were fitted to all D series cars.

Reversing lamps were fitted as standard to the D Super and the D Spécial acquired a new 98 bhp engine while the D Super had its power increased to 108 bhp.  Both cars were fitted with a higher final drive.


In 1973,power steering and chromed door handles and window winders became standard on the D Super.

A new model, the D Super 5 was launched, fitted with the 2 175 cm3 engine from the DS21 together with a five speed gearbox. 

The D Super lost its five speed gearbox option.

In January 1975, the D Super 5 was discontinued and the D Spécial and D Super went out of production in June of that year.