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CitroŽn GS and GSA limited editions

Issue 67 Spring 1982

From 15 April 1982, Citroen will market, in France only, a very special series of 1,500 GSAs: the GSA “Tuner”.

Intended for Hi-Fi freaks, this car is really an auditorium on wheels.

From the outside, the GSA “Tuner” reveals nothing of its true nature: it is a black GSA Club of the strictest sobriety, with 5-speed gearbox, tinted laminated windscreen and tinted windows, and front seat headrests as standard fittings.

The interior is upholstered in a speckled buff velvet fabric.

What really distinguishes it from other GSAs is its highly sophisticated Philips hi-fi equipment:

  • a set fitted in the radio recess, with automatic electronic tuning, built-in stereo tapedeck, right left balance, three wavelengths (short and long waves. plus FM. Output4 ohms (2 X 6W)

  • an equalizing amplifier at the back of the console with an effective output of 2 x 16W or of 4 x 10W with LED output level indicator.

  • a headset with a mini-jack adaptor (frequency range 20 to 20,000 Hz, sensitivity 97 dB/mW, resistance 32 ohms).

  • loud-speaker system: at front two middle-range tweeters on the facia (power 10W), under the driving seat a double-coil boomer* (two channels, right/left - power 2 x 15 W), and at the rear two units with a nominal power of I5 W, each comprising two speakers, tweeter and medium frequency.

* this should be 'woofer'.  The entire text from le Double Chevron 67 is clearly written by someone with little or no knowledge of audio specifications

Above and left and below- at the end of 1971, a few dozen examples of this limited edition “Voiture Sans FrontiŤres” GS were produced, bedecked with the flags of Europe to symbolise the car's international success.


Above, left and below GS Basalte from 1978

Left and above the 1985 GSA Chic
This is a GSA Special, with rear spoiler from the GSAX1, lateral strips on the metallic varnished grey bodywork, radiator grille from the GSAX3 and the door panels are in TEP grey.
A five-speed gearbox, light alloy wheel rims, smoked windows and a radio have also been fitted.
Manufactured in a limited series of only 1,200 for sale in France only.

Left, above and below the 1982 GSA Tuner

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