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The fast BXs

BX Sport

Also launched in 1985, the BX Sport was a limited edition version of the GT but fitted with twin carburettors and a body kit with cutaway rear wings and the rear spoiler that would later adorn the GTi. Top speed was 200 kph/125 mph. The car proved so popular, it was added to the main BX range until it was replaced by the BX GTi in 1986.


Launched in 1986, the GTi offered hot hatch performance coupled with family saloon comfort and was the most successful of the high performance variants. Fitted with the 1 905cm3 engine, the GTi offered electronic fuel injection - 125 bhp, 198 kph/124 mph.

The picture on the left is of a car I owned.

BX 16 Soupapes/16 Valve 

The GTi was fitted with a 16 valve version of the engine in 1987. This offered 160 bhp, a zero to 100 kph/62 mph in a fraction over seven seconds and a top speed of 218 kph/136 mph. The car was fitted with a body kit with flared wheel arches and in Mk II guise with a very subdued rear spoiler.

The BX has proved to be quite a success in motor sport.

Supertouring Championship BX 4 x 4 16 valves turbo, equipped with a 4 cylinder engine of 1 725cm3 capacity, developing 380 bhp.

The four headlight ęexportĽ version of the series II BX (left) - contrast these with the series I lights of the GTi above whose lamp nacelles resemble the instrument panel nacelle of the post 1969 D series.