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CitroŽn BX

Initially available with a choice of 1,360 cm3 63 bhp, 1,360 cm3 72 bhp or 1,580 cm3 90 bhp petrol engines, the BX range was soon expanded to include diesels and a number of limited edition variants.  The BX range was fitted with the well proven hydropneumatic suspension system with the high pressure hydraulics being employed to operate the power steering (on most models) and fully powered braking system.

In 1982, the launch range comprised five models - the BX, BX 14E, BX 14 RE, BX 16 RS and BX 16 TRS. Pictured  is the top of the range BX 16 TRS distinguished by the translucent panels in the C pillar.
In Italy and Greece, a BX1100 was also sold


BX Digit 

The range was expanded in 1985 to include a new, 1,9 litre BX GT which was then made available as a limited edition as the BX Digit, equipped with an electronic instrument panel (below) which can be compared to the standard BX (right). The Digit was also fitted with an on-board computer displaying the time, fuel consumption (both instaneous and average), average speed and distance remaining before fuel is required.

Also in 1985, the twin carburettor BX Sport was launched. Equipped with a 1,9 litre engine developing 126 bhp @ 5 800 rpm and 17,2 m/kg @ 4 200 rpm, it could accelerate to 100 kph in 8,9 seconds and reach a top speed of 195 kph.

The BX Sport featured a rear spoiler and cutaway rear wings plus a revised frontal treatment.


That angular shape was actually very aerodynamic, albeit not quite to the standards of the GS.

The lightweight construction of the BX allowed it to meet the norms of the early nineteen eighties without excelling

The entire range was facelifted in 1986 with revised front wings and front indicators and a new dashboard with conventional instrumentation.

The range was extended to include a pair of four wheel drive vehicles - the BX TRi 4 x 4 and the GTi 4 x 4 left.

Below left a BX GTi that I used to own and below the same car parked next to another GTi and bottom a BX DTR Turbo that I used to own and a BX 16 TRS Automatique that my wife used to own.