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CitroŽn C-Crosser


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The C-Crosser, CitroŽn’s new high-end SUV, has a number of aces in its pack. It boasts attractive, prestige styling, a 5+2 seat configuration with easy-to-use modularity, all-wheel drive for real versatility in use, and a HDi diesel engine equipped with a particulate filter for class-leading performance and minimal environmental impact.

Premiering at the Geneva Motor Show, the C-Crosser will be launched in Europe from summer 2007. Bearing all the design cues of the CitroŽn brand, its styling is a perfect blend of all-terrain muscle, sports-car vitality and luxury-saloon sophistication.

Designed without compromise, the C-Crosser is at home on all kinds of terrain in all kinds of weather, thanks to its all-wheel drive system. Featuring 5+2 seats, sliding and folding row-2 seats and a flat floor, the C-Crosser’s modular cabin allows for manifold configurations.

On the road, CitroŽn’s new SUV is extremely responsive and dynamic, with an excellent trade-off between ride comfort and roadholding, while the HDi diesel engine, fitted with a particulate filter (DPFS), minimizes the vehicle’s environmental impact.

The C-Crosser is at ease both on the open road and on wilder terrain, pleasant to travel in both alone and with the family, and capacious enough inside for extra friends or for transporting large objects. CitroŽn’s new SUV was designed for people looking for a highly versatile vehicle that fulfils their desires for freedom and well-being.


Instantly recognisable as a CitroŽn, the C-Crosser’s exterior styling adroitly blends different genres that give it a sporty look, a go-anywhere attitude, and a sophisticated demeanour in line with its high-end positioning. This artful blend is also found inside the new SUV.

An original, expressive front end

At the front, the C-Crosser features an original chevron composition that brings the vehicle its own identity within the CitroŽn range and expresses the SUV’s power and prestige looks.

The line of the bonnet conveys the vehicle’s solidity and showcases the chrome chevrons that extend across the grille and intersect with the assertive-looking headlamps. This emphasis on width, which underscores the C-Crosser’s powerful air, is strengthened by a succession of parallel lines and an air-intake grille that stretches right across the imposing bumper.

The chrome strips on either side of the number plate, the honeycomb-style air intake grille and the chrome fog lamps bring a touch of elegance to the C-Crosser and confirm its top-of-the-range positioning.

Dynamic profile and well-balanced proportions

With its elegant proportions (4.64 m long, 1.81 m wide and 1.71 m high with roof bars), rearward-flowing roof line, high waistline and curvaceous wings, the C-Crosser’s profile exudes vitality and robustness.

The SUV’s sporty looks are underscored by the shape of the headlamps, which extend up the bonnet following the flow of the wheel arches, and by the body line that rises at the quarter-light and thus confirms the dynamic feel. The SUV’s powerful attitude is expressed in curvaceous wings that sit atop special Michelin tyres designed for roadholding and performance.

The C-Crosser’s top-end positioning is signalled, on the Exclusive trim level (or country equivalent), by tinted windows and chrome strips running along the waist line and the lower body line.

The vehicle’s high-class appeal is also expressed by (Exclusive trim-level) two-tone, diamond wheels, whose proportions and design exude a sense of solidity and endurance, as do the aluminium roof bars.

Rear styling conveying confidence and stability

The rear styling of the C-Crosser is equally dynamic, robust and sophisticated.

The wraparound rear bumper is perfectly integrated with the wheel arches, giving the car a powerful, assertive look. The rear features a chrome strip giving it an elegant aspect. The line of this stylish strip marks the point where the upper and lower tailgate meet, highlighting the practical nature of the C-Crosser’s split-opening hatch.

The lights also mix style and functionality. They boast high-tech design, with LEDs on the position and stop lights, while providing optimal lighting and low energy consumption.

Brand allegiance is underscored by chrome chevrons and badges, one for CitroŽn and one for the C-Crosser name, which is also repeated at both the front and the rear, marked under compass dials. This logo, a symbol of freedom, underlines the C-Crosser’s all-terrain nature.

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