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CitroŽn C2


CitroŽn announces the C2, a new 3- door saloon scheduled for launch in the last quarter of 2003. Designed to carry four people in comfort, the C2 rounds out CitroŽn’s compact vehicle range, alongside the C3 and the C3 Pluriel. The C2 is an eye-catching car with real character. Looking beyond styling, the C2 introduces an innovative concept in modular interior design and boot access, through which it is able to adapt to all situations.

The C2 will bring CitroŽn new customers, helping the brand to maintain the strong growth of the past six years. Three-door models account for more than 56% of compact vehicle sales in Europe. In the space of just 18 months, CitroŽn will have launched three vehicles: the C3, the C3 Pluriel

and the C2. This gives the brand three vehicles of different concepts and styles on a segment – one of the market’s biggest – where it previously had just one vehicle.

These three complementary vehicles are designed to meet the many and varied requirements of compact car buyers.

• Through its roomy architecture and strong curves, the C3, a five-door saloon, places the emphasis on space and appeal. With more than 180,000 vehicles sold in its first year on the market, its commercial success has confirmed its potential.

• The C3 Pluriel, a three-door saloon, heralds a new phase in modular vehicle design with its ability to change shape at will. Designed to meet everyday needs, it is also a leisure vehicle with a host of possible configurations.

• The C2, a more compact three-door saloon, is a car that brings dynamic performance to mind with its striking style and strong personality. Its design lines play on visual appeal and on the break created by the recessed side windows. Inside the car, the bright colour schemes and translucent trim underline the emphasis placed on modern design. A car that places the emphasis on vitality and innovation, the C2 boasts a unique concept in modular design. Two sliding, independent rear seats, designed to fold down easily, let the user modify the vehicle interior to cope with a full range of everyday situations. The cleverly designed tailgate opens in two sections, so that the boot can be accessed in all circumstances, even when limited space is available. Compact, easy to handle, and very much at ease in the city, the C2 offers a passenger compartment with four real seats.

CitroŽn now has three vehicles with different styling but shared qualities in terms of roadholding and safety. Four engines are available for the CitroŽn C2: three petrol and one diesel (1.4 HDi). Two of the engines can be coupled with the SensoDrive gearbox, recently inaugurated on the C3. The car can be fitted with wheels and tyres of up to 16 inches in size, underlining the visual perception of the C2 as a vehicle with a strong on-road stance.

The C2 is available with a range of comfort equipment (standard or optional) usually found only on segments further up the market. This equipment includes variable assistance electric power steering, air conditioning with automatic temperature control, electronic parking assistance and cruise control. In terms of safety, the C2 is a front-runner on its segment with ESP, ABS, emergency braking assistance and six airbags.

The C2 shares the same platform as the C3 and the C3 Pluriel which are recognised as a reference in their segment in terms of road handling. Today's platform organisation has enabled CitroŽn to produce three vehicles, each with their own distinct personality, on a common base that incorporates the latest upgrades in safety and comfort equipment, together with a wide range of engines. The C2 uses a version of the platform 1 with a short wheelbase of 2.31 m (2.46 m for the C3 and C3 Pluriel). 3.66 m wide and 1.66 m high, it is positioned in the middle of the compact 3- door vehicle segment. The new C2 therefore slots naturally into place in the CitroŽn range. It shares many features with the C3 and C3 Pluriel while boasting its own – strong personality.

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