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CitroŽn C3


C3, a generous, strong and original personality
The CitroŽn C3 expresses an innovative approach to automotive design. Dynamic, fluid vehicle lines suggest a cheerful, open personality. The interior space and on-board comfort are visible at a glance. By combining innovative design lines with established references of quality, the C3 gains strong potential appeal.

Styling that combines interior space with visual appeal
Innovative high-volume architecture
The CitroŽn C3 is a compact saloon with attractive styling and roomy architecture that makes it light, spacious, and accessible. The styling of the C3 suggests a strong personality that expresses the vehicle's many qualities. A mere glance at the car gives an immediate impression of on-board well-being and interior space. The rounded forms and the large glazed area of the windscreen in particular draw attention to the interior space with its light, airy atmosphere. At the rear, the elegant vertical lights accentuate the tall lines of the C3, and draw attention to the available height.

Pure styling lines for visual appeal
The strong personality of the C3 contributes to its appeal in the eyes of the onlooker. The car is based on a simple design featuring two arches running the length of the body. The rounded, flowing roofline creates a seamless continuity between front and rear, while drawing attention to the height of the vehicle. 

The curving wings and specific design of the wheel arches at front and rear accentuate the wide track of the C3 and its excellent on-road stance. 

The short overhang and the rounded enveloping forms of the roof, wings, windows, bonnet and doors draw attention to the vehicle's compact design.

A style that suggests strength, protection and safety
The radiator grille, bumpers and – more generally – the compact curves of the C3 clearly express robust strength, protection and safety. The design of the lower body, which forms a continuous flowing line with the wheel arches, contributes to the perceived on-road stance, strength and road manners of the C3.

A multi-faceted personality

The C3 reveals different aspects of its multi-faceted personality, according to whether it is stationary or on the move. 
When the car is stationary, it looks open and welcoming, with its strong curves and roomy architecture suggesting generous interior space. 
When the car is on the move, it takes on a more forceful air, with a dynamic demeanour expressing a well-rounded character.

This dynamic character is accentuated by the design of the front end with its rounded bonnet (suggesting high performance engines), radiator grille and wide track. The harmonious whole created by the round forms of the roof, the bonnet and the wheel arches make the C3 look particularly dynamic from a ĺ front view. At the rear, the upwards thrust created by the elegant, angular lights appears to elongate the vehicle and to propel it forwards.

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