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The C4 was designed to meet stringent aerodynamic targets, while also offering class-leading space at front and rear. 


Extensive aerodynamic studies were conducted on the C4 in order to obtain a drag coefficient of up to 0.28 for the coupé, a record in this segment. The saloon boasts a Cd of up to 0.29.

These values promise acoustic comfort, along with reduced fuel consumption and lower pollutant emissions.

They are achieved by:

the exceptionally fluid body styles featuring:

  • limited height (1.46 m),

  • a windscreen placed well to the front, continuing the line of the bonnet,

  • a long roof with a dramatic drop at the rear,

  • sides narrowing at the rear.

The presence of exterior features designed to smooth air flow:

  • flag-shaped exterior rearview mirrors,

  • aerodynamic undertrays to smooth out the airflow under the body,

  • a rear spoiler extending the flow-line of the roof to the maximum extent,

  • bumpers designed to improve the air flow over the wheels,

  • front windscreen wipers integrated in the scuttle aperture to avoid disrupting the air flow.

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In both saloon and coupé form, the C4 combines style and aerodynamics with a level of interior space that ranks it among the best in its segment.

Identical interior space on the saloon and the coupe

Although the C4 Saloon and the C4 Coupé are very different in terms of styling, they share the same interior space.

They have the same dimensions, viewed from the side, with a wheel base of 2.61 m and a height of 1.46 m. Only their length differs slightly (by 1.3 cm) owing to the style of the rear bumper.

Generous interior dimensions 

The interior dimensions of both vehicles meet customer requirements concerning the essentials of on-board comfort. 

The two C4s are references in their segment concerning knee room for passengers at the rear (17 cm when the front seat is pushed back to the maximum). 

In terms of elbow room at the front (1.44 m) and rear (1.43 m), the C4 is on a par with most of its competitors in this segment.