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CitroŽn C4

2004 to date


CitroŽn will unveil the C4, its new mid-range model, at the Paris Motor Show. Available in saloon or coupť versions, the C4 combines innovative styling with original features.

The C4 Saloon and the C4 Coupť each have a strong personality. The saloon has a rounded profile, while the Coupť favours a sharper line. Both vehicles share smooth, fluid lines for outstanding aerodynamic performance, one of CitroŽn's traditional strengths. They also share the same generous interior space, offering enhanced passenger comfort.

The C4 owes its exceptional onboard comfort largely to a range of innovative and convenient features designed to make the driving experience enjoyable. They include a multi-functional, fixed-centred controls steering wheel, designed to bring the main comfort and driving aid functions within easy reach; and a new instrument cluster that displays driver information on a translucent strip in the centre of the dashboard. The contrast of the display adjusts to ambient light conditions, ensuring easy readout at all times. All these features create a relaxed onboard atmosphere, which is further reinforced by details such as the styled scented air freshener and the laminated side windows for greater acoustic comfort.

The C4 also offers a host of modern and efficient driving aids. The innovative lane departure warning system brings real progress in terms of safety. Designed to function on motorways or main roads, the system warns the driver if the car crosses a continuous or broken line, unless he has activated the indicator. Xenon dual-function directional headlamps - a feature usually reserved for vehicles further up the market - also make their appearance on the C4. Driving comfort is further enhanced by the speed limiter and low tyre pressure warning system - two features rarely seen in this segment.


Mid-range saloons account for almost one-third of all vehicle sales in Europe and worldwide. On such a vast market, the customer base is naturally highly diversified. So CitroŽn is offering two new vehicles, each with its own distinctive personality.

C4 Saloon

With its fluid lines and clean contours, the C4 Saloon is a contemporary expression of CitroŽn's design values. Sporting smooth protective bodywork and unique exterior styling, the C4 embodies prestige and elegance.

C4 Coupť

The C4 expresses CitroŽn's vision of dynamic coupť design. Elegant proportions and fluid lines create a vehicle of harmonious design with an underlying promise of power. Combining a long front wheelbase and overhang with a short rear overhang. the profile of the C4 Coupť expresses the pursuit of aerodynamic perfection.


The C4 is designed for outstanding aerodynamic performance. one of CitroŽn's traditional strengths. The two vehicles have a Cd coefficient of 0.28 - the best in the segment - resulting in lower fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions.

The vehicle architecture, based on flowing lines, contributes to this performance, while providing the same generous interior space on both the Saloon and the Coupť.


A new expression of onboard comfort

The interior design of the C4 is both comfortable and relaxing, with:

∑ discreet, high-tech interior styling, reflected in the simple. understated dashboard design.

∑ innovations for simplicity and ergonomics.

With the multi-functional fixed-centred controls steering wheel, the main driving aids (speed limiter, cruise control) and comfort features (audio system. telephone, etc) are centrally positioned for improved ergonomics and easy access. This layout also contributes to driving pleasure. For enhanced safety, the steering wheel includes a fixed section for an airbag that is shaped to match the driver's morphology.

The translucent instrument cluster in the centre of the dashboard displays information on a strip that lets the light through. The display contrast adjusts automatically to ambient light conditions to ensure a clear read-out at all times.

A scented air freshener, styled to match the dashboard design. also contributes to the relaxed onboard atmosphere.

The flag-shaped exterior rearview mirrors and the laminated side windows improve acoustic comfort inside the vehicle.


To address growing customer demand for top-of-the-range features, the C4 boasts a range of modern, effective driving aids.

∑ The Lane Departure Warning System is a major step forward in driving safety. On motorways or main roads, this innovative system warns the driver if the car crosses the lane markings, if he has not activated the indicator. A vibrating mechanism mounted in the car seat is triggered on the side corresponding to the direction of vehicle drift to alert the driver who may, for example, be feeling drowsy.

∑ Xenon dual-function, directional headlamps (dipped and full beam), generaliy reserved for vehicles further up the market. provide improved lighting for cornering.

The C4 also features equipment rarely found in the segment, such as a speed limiter and a low tyre-pressure warning system.

The C4 is available with a wide range of engines from launch: five petrol engines from 1 .4i 16V to 2.0i 16V developing between 90 and 180 bhp. and three new-generation HDi diesel engines developing between 92 and 138 bhp.

Most of these engines already satisfy the Euro IV emission standard. Moreover, with the C4, CitroŽn is rounding out the range of vehicles equipped with the particulate filter. This technology - already fitted on almost 150,000 CitroŽn vehicles worldwide - further enhances the properties of the HDi engines in terms of environmental protection.

The C4 reflects CitroŽn commitment to bringing customers innovative and appealing cars.

By offering saloon and coupť versions, CitroŽn is pursuing a strategy initiated on the supermini segment, where it has three complementary offers (C3. C3 Pluriel and C2), each with distinctive styling to address wide-ranging customer tastes.