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C4 SedŠn: elegance, comfort and technology

Dedicated to comfort and well-being 

The interior of the C4 Sedan boasts a wide range of equipment for ergonomic driving, onboard comfort and functional convenience.
∑      An ergonomic driver’s position designed for easy use
The C4 Sedan features a fixed-centred controls steering wheel that brings the main comfort functions (audio system, telephone, etc.) and driving aids (speed limiter, cruise control) within easy reach. This ergonomic configuration makes controls easy to use for enhanced driving pleasure.
The steering wheel, which is adjustable for height and reach as standard, is associated with a display unit showing driving information (vehicle speed, speed limiter and cruise control settings, etc.) on a translucent strip in the centre of the dashboard. The display contrast adapts automatically to ambient light conditions, for perfect legibility in all circumstances.
∑      Seating comfort
The seats of the C4 Sedan are designed to provide strong support, with their long seat cushions and wide, high backrests. They work with the suspension to filter out vibrations on poor road surfaces. Depending on trim, the driver’s seat may feature optional electric adjustment of fore-and-aft settings, rake, height and lumbar support. Each driver can thus find a position that suits his/her habits as well as setting the highest standards of comfort.
∑      Thermal comfort
Depending on trim, the C4 Sedan may feature manual air conditioning or automatic dual-zone air conditioning that satisfies the requirements of front passengers for individual comfort functions.
At the rear, the vehicle features an ambient air blower that lets passengers adjust the air flow and create a uniform temperature in the cabin more rapidly.
∑      A host of  well integrated stowage compartments
The C4 Sedan features a wide range of well integrated cabin stowage compartments including:
- an illuminated, cooled glovebox (powered by the automatic air conditioning);
- closed stowage compartments under the side and central air vents;
- large-capacity bins in the front and rear doors;
- map pockets on the backs of the front seats (standard depending on trim);
- a stowage compartment in the central arm rest (standard depending on trim);
- a stowage net in the boot (optional).
A pleasant in-car odour
Depending on trim, a scented air freshener, styled to match the dashboard design, also contributes to the restful atmosphere on board the C4 Sedan. Placed on the central air vent, the scented air freshener diffuses the fragrance selected through the air conditioning system. A knob lets the user switch the system  off or adjust the quantity of perfumed air. The fragrances (Soft Lavender, Lotus Flower, Citrus and Passion, Mint and Musk, Jasmine and Mimosa, Water Lily, Vanilla, Amber and Sandalwood) come in the form of sealed, individual cartridges, so the scent can be changed at any time.

A guarantee of driving pleasure 

The C4 Sedan delivers exceptional driving pleasure with its well matched engines, flawless road manners and efficient driving aids.
∑      Exceptional road manners
Driveability is directly correlated to the driver’s impressions at the wheel. And with the C4 Sedan, drivers can rely on flawless road manners. Efficient running gear and a high-performance braking system set high standards in road behaviour.
The running gear of the C4 Sedan offers precise handling, while effectively contributing to active safety.
The MacPherson type front suspension features lower wishbones and an anti-roll bar. The rear suspension features a flexible transverse beam associated with an anti-roll bar.
The vehicle’s damping control effectively combines driveability and suspension comfort.
Depending on trim, the C4 Sedan is available with 15-inch wheels and 195/65 R15 tyres, or 16-inch wheels with 215/55 R16 tyres. The spare wheel is the same size as the original fits.
The C4 Sedan is fitted as standard with variable power steering controlled by an electric pump. The level of assistance varies in line with the engine speed and steering wheel angle in order to obtain a level of power adapted to all conditions. Power steering is firmer at high speeds for increased safety, and lighter at low speeds for easy manoeuvring.
Braking performance is among the best in the segment, with finely regulated ABS/ESP.
The C4 Sedan’s braking system features ventilated discs at the front and discs at the rear, combined with ABS and electronic brakeforce distribution (EBD).
To further improve braking safety, the C4 Sedan is fitted with emergency braking assistance (EBA) and automatic hazard warning lights. ESP (available as an option depending on trim from October 2007) prevents loss of grip. This feature automatically puts the car back on course and limits skidding of the wheels by means of the ASR traction-control system.
∑      Well matched engines
The C4 Sedan is available from launch with either a petrol engine or an HDi diesel engine with a particulate filter (DPFS). Both comply with the Euro IV standard and are mated to a five-speed manual gearbox.
- A 110 bhp 1.6i 16V petrol engine:
The 110 bhp 1.6i 16V engine develops 80 kW EEC at 80 rpm for torque of 147 Nm  at 4,000 rpm. Highly responsive from the lowest engine speeds, it offers torque of 132 Nm – 90% of the maximum amount   –  from 2,000 rpm.
- An HDi DPFS diesel engine:
The HDi 110 engine is equipped as standard with the particulate filter (DPFS). With a capacity of 1,560 cm 3 and a 16-valve cylinder head, it develops 80 kW (110 bhp DIN) for torque of 240 Nm from 1,750 rpm. Torque can be increased to 260 Nm at 1,750 rpm on the three highest gearspeeds with the overboost function. For enhanced engine response during strong bursts of acceleration, the "overboost" function kicks in, delivering up to 20 Nm of additional torque by increasing the fuel injection rate.
∑      Efficient driving aids
The C4 Sedan also features equipment to make driving easier and safer while ensuring a relaxed drive. For example:
∑               A speed limiter and cruise control, standard across the range. With the speed limiter, the driver defines a set speed not to be exceeded, whatever the position of his/her foot on the accelerator. Cruise control lets the driver maintain the car at a programmed speed, whatever the road profile, without using the accelerator pedal.
∑ Xenon dual-function directional headlamps (available from October 2007 depending on trim) for improved lighting on cornering. These headlamps ensure excellent visibility at night or in bad weather. They pick out the curves so that the driver can distinguish other road users and possible obstacles more quickly. This is an important advantage in terms of safety since, at a speed of 110 kph, the car covers more than 30 metres every second.
∑ Front and rear parking assistance depending on trim. Sensors located in the front and rear bumpers detect any obstacles close to the vehicle. A series of bleeps and a picture on the multifunction screen tell the driver exactly how close he or she is to the obstacle detected.
∑ Automatic wipers and dipped beams available depending on trim.

Safety optimised for all passengers

Built on the same platform as the C4, the new sedan includes all the safety equipment of the original. These are the features that have made the C4 a benchmark in the hatchback segment with five stars in EuroNCAP crash tests for passenger protection and three stars for pedestrian protection.
∑      A complete range of passive safety equipment
The C4 Sedan offers the following main passive safety features:
∑ driver and passenger front airbags as standard, with the driver airbag designed always to deploy at the correct angle. This feature, which relies on the fixed central section of the steering wheel, improves chest protection;
∑ driver and front passenger side airbags (standard depending on the country);
∑ curtain airbags for front and rear passengers (standard depending on the country);
∑ seatbelts with three anchor points, a force limiter and a warning light for all seats. The front height-adjustable seatbelts also feature pyrotechnic pretensioners;
∑ Isofix anchor points on the rear side seats.
∑ A reinforced structure for improved protection
The C4 Sedan has a reinforced structure featuring:
an additional impact absorber on the lower part of the subframe to distribute energy more effectively in the event of frontal impact. This lower impact absorber is made up of shock absorbers and a bumper beam.
• The mechanical resistance of the front suspension and lower impact absorber has been optimised to enable energy to be transmitted primarily through the lower impact absorber.
Studies were conducted on the movement of hard incompressible objects in the engine compartment in order to limit intrusions into the cabin.
The front doors have been reinforced with shock-absorbing crumple zones in order to better stiffen the whole.
∑ All doors feature side impact bars.
Damage to the driver’s legs is limited in the event of impact by a function that prevents the pedal assembly being pushed into the cabin.
∑ Effective protection for pedestrians
In order to reduce the consequences of pedestrian impact, the C4 Sedan features two impact absorbers to limit leg injuries. The bonnet is made of aluminium with a perforated inner panel in the centre to absorb energy more effectively. The non-aggressive design of the front end also contributes to pedestrian protection.    
∑ Increased protection against theft and break-ins
The C4 Sedan offers excellent protection against theft and break-in. Key features include:
- an engine immobiliser and transponder,
- a perimetric and volumetric alarm,
- an unpickable electric boot lock,
- automatic relocking thirty seconds after the vehicle is unlocked if no doors are opened,
- automatic locking of the doors and boot as soon as the car reaches a speed of 10 kph.

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