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Just a few months after renewing its supermini range and upgrading the Xsara Picasso people-carrier, Citroën is keeping up the impetus with a new vehicle presentation on the next segment up. The C5 – saloon and estate versions – is an intelligent road car that combines style with interior space and performance.

The Citroën C5 is a car apart in terms of the promise embodied in its styling, and the wide array of technologies and innovation provided for exemplary well-being and safety.

The C5 is the first Citroën vehicle to feature the latest high-efficiency driving aids, such as Xenon dual-function directional headlamps, front parking assistance, a speed limiter and a lane departure warning system.

The interior is a haven of comfort. The highly efficient body structure works with the Hydractive suspension and new-generation ESP to ensure optimum stability in all circumstances.

The generous interior space is an invitation to travel, and to enjoy the driving – and travelling – sensations to the full.

Offering a range of engines adapted to all types of driving, the Citroën C5 embodies a new alliance in styling, technology and comfort.


The Citroën C5 stands apart first and foremost for the elegance and promise of its exterior styling and for the remarkable presence expressed by its taut, clean lines.

The front end of the Citroën C5 immediately draws the attention of the observer. The boomerang-shaped light units – set off by the bonnet design and the badged radiator grille – give the front end a dynamic and determined appearance.

The Citroën C5 is a vehicle of status. Clean balanced lines suggest a taut, flowing profile – the profile of a grand tourer whose generous dimensions promise excellent interior space.

The rear end sports dynamic contour lines, with sharply outlined "boomerang" lights to match the front, and a structured tailgate.

A captivating, well-balanced vehicle of status, the Citroën C5 is also attractive and elegant, with its attractive combination of design lines and chrome features, as on the lower body panels and the bumpers.

The Citroën C5 also boasts chrome- and lacquer-plated features inside the cabin. A styling strip creates a link between the top and bottom of the dashboard, for example, and may be extended up to the inner door panels.

The dashboard sports modern instruments and a central console with two-zone automatic air conditioning and separate controls, as well as a hi-fi system of outstanding quality. All these features blend in harmoniously with the in-car design, through a sophisticated match of materials and colours.

Looking beyond its elegant and personal style, the Citroën C5 offers an array of technological equipment for exemplary driving comfort and safety.


Faithful to its tradition as an innovator, Citroën has equipped the new C5 with intelligent driving aids bringing peace of mind for both the driver and passengers.

Xenon dual-function directional headlamps

The Citroën C5 is the first vehicle in the range to feature Xenon dual-function directional headlamps for improved lighting on cornering.

Front and rear parking assistance

In addition to the reversing radar, the Citroën C5 features front parking assistance with manoeuvres displayed on a multifunction screen. This function is usually reserved for vehicles in the next segment up.

Cruise control and a speed limiter for relaxed driving

To make driving easy for customers in search of comfort, safety and well-being, Citroën is offering both cruise control and a speed limiter on the C5. The speed limiter allows the driver to adopt a relaxed driving style, and to respect the speed limits without constantly checking the speedometer. A kick-down function allows the driver to accelerate, in order to overtake for example.

For the first time: the lane departure warning system

Innovating in terms of safety, Citroën is making the C5 available with an exclusive system that can detect an unintentional lane change on a motorway or fast road, when the indicator is not activated. A vibrating mechanism mounted in the car seat is triggered on the side corresponding to the direction of vehicle drift to alert the driver who may, for example, be distracted.

To further extend the protection available to the occupants, the Citroën C5 also features new generation ESP to provide precise, efficient correction of the course steered by the car, and seven airbags including a new steering column airbag to protect the driver's knees and shins in the event of impact.

The seatbelts of the Citroën C5 are equipped with pyrotechnic pretensioners and force limiters, along with a double pretensioner for the passenger seatbelt.

As well as endowing the C5 with top-level features in terms of comfort and safety equipment, Citroën is fitting its new vehicle with petrol and diesel engines of advanced technology.

State-of-the-art engines

The Citroën C5 is available with three petrol engines: two 4-cylinder engines of 1.8i 16V and 2.0i 16V developing 117 et 143 bhp DIN, and a 3-litre V6 24-valve engine with continuously variable valve timing, developing 210 bhp DIN and coupled with a new six-speed automatic gearbox.

In terms of diesel powerplants, the Citroën C5 offers a choice of three new-generation HDi common-rail engines developing between 110 bhp and 138 bhp. This last engine is coupled with a six-speed manual gearbox. The environmental strong points of the HDi engines are further reinforced by the diesel particulate filter system (DPFS).


The Citroën C5 ensures not only the safety but also the well-being of all its occupants. The exceptionally roomy interior of the C5, particularly at the rear, and the low acoustic and vibration levels all help to create a unique sensation of comfort.

Obtaining high standards of acoustic comfort and vibration control was a key objective in the development of this road car. For this reason, the Citroën C5 features a range of equipment to isolate the passenger compartment from the noise produced by the wind, engine or running gear.

Alongside the new elastic bearings and the many sound-proofing and gravel-protection features provided for high-level acoustic comfort, the Citroën C5 may also be fitted with laminated side windows.

Already renowned for its comfort, the Hydractive 3 suspension offers a further demonstration of its operating qualities and technological excellence. This auto-adaptive suspension varies the height of the vehicle automatically. Some versions offer two settings, comfort or sport, managed in line with road conditions and the driver's style.

The Citroën C5 occupies the highest level in its category for suspension and damping comfort with its velvety-smooth road manners.

The Citroën C5 is a car of meticulous design, exclusive features, avant-garde technology and grand-tourer comfort. Combining driving pleasure and safety in an intelligent way, it is sure to enjoy immediate appeal with automotive enthusiasts everywhere.

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