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Projet X7 - the new C5

The new C5, due on sale late 2007 is a much more attractive if less idiosyncratic offering than its predecessor. Featuring a wider track and lower profile, it will be equipped with hydractive suspension, an automatic parking brake, LED tail lights, etc.

Built in Rennes-la-Janais, the new model will share engines, gearboxes and numerous other components with the Peugeot 407, though CitroŽn states that 99 per cent of all visible parts will be specifically designed for the new C5.

Like the C4 and C4 Picasso, the new C5 has a four-spoke steering wheel with a fixed centre section housing numerous controls for all kinds of functions.

Caveat lector - at the time of writing (17th October 2007) there is little hard information available.

STOP PRESS (18th October 2007): More information available - click on next at bottom of page

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