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The accessibility, layout and interior modularity of the C8 have been designed to maximise on≠board space and comfort and to make it easy for occupants to move around.

Electric sliding side doors: a concept taken one step further

The C8 is fitted with two sliding side doors to maximise accessibility and ensure that the doors can be opened in all circumstances. Even if the car is parked next to a wall or between two vehicles, the user can open the door without damaging the bodywork and get out of the vehicle easily.
The idea of fitting the sliding side doors with an electric opening mechanism takes the concept one step further. The doors can be opened or closed without effort and, above all, the many control functions can be used easily, while maintaining high standards of safety.
For example, the driver can open or close the doors from the front seats without getting out of the car, or open them from a distance using the remote control.
The doors are fitted with an anti-pinch system and an electric function to prevent them from opening when the vehicle is moving. Ergonomy is also improved since the occupants can be sure that the doors have been closed correctly.

Room for eight people

The generous exterior dimensions of the C8 create a spacious interior. The C8 is bigger than the Evasion/Synergie, notably with respect to cabin length, head room and boot volume.
Head room is 94 cm at the front and 88 cm at the rear (in row two), i.e. 7 cm and 2 cm more respectively than on the Evasion/Synergie. The cabin length from the front in row 2 varies between 1 .62 m and 1 .77 m with a wheelbase of 2.82 m, as on the Evasion/Synergie.
The rear seats are wide (47 cm) and all of the same dimensions. In-depth studies were conducted on the shaping of the seat in order to ensure excellent postural comfort.
The CitroŽn C8 offers a wide range of configurations, up to eight seats in three rows, depending on the number of passengers and the planned usage of the vehicle.
The high-spec configuration is based on "Captain's Chairs" and features two seats with adjustable arm rests in the second and third rows. 

This offering is available with the Cocon and VIP interior design schemes, and with the leather upholstery.The dashboard-mounted gear lever, flat floor and handbrake placed outside the driver's seat make it easy to move around the C8.

Modularity to satisfy a full range of user requirements with Quickfixģ, the patented, instant seat anchoring system

The original design of the seats illustrates the modularity of the C8 and reflects efforts to treat all passengers in the same way through attention to individual comfort.

  • All the rear seats (and/or the bench) slide on rails over a distance of 15 cm. With its many adjustment options, the C8 is able to adapt to requirements by optimising the space provided for each row of passengers and also the boot volume.

  • Seats can be installed or removed quickly and easily, in one short operation. The secure anchoring system, used on a car for the first time, is patented.

  • A locking/unlocking function lets the user fix the seats to the front part of the rails. In addition to being easy to use, the seats are also interchangeable. They can be folded horizontally or vertically, or stored two by two on the rails.

  • A complete folding function lets the user fold the seat horizontally and then vertically, without effort and in a single movement. The headrest retracts automatically when a seat is folded.

  • The front seats feature a host of equipment and functions with electrical controls, heating, a pivoting mechanism and an adjustable, removable armrest, dependent upon trim levels.

  • The usual position of the driver's seat and the exterior rear view mirrors can be memorised. A total of four driving positions can be registered and subsequently restored, using the two buttons on the side of the seat or the vehicle's two HF remote control units. Fitted as standard on the Exclusive trim, this function saves time in that the seat and mirror do not have to be readjusted when the driver changes

  • This exemplary modularity, which combines simplicity with a wide range of possibilities available, comes with an impressive array of convenient stowage compartments for every seat.


A host of stowage compartments

With almost 60 cleverly designed, easily accessible stowage compartments to contribute to the pleasure of travelling, the C8 meets the requirements expressed by people-carrier buyers.

  • Passengers at the front have more than 30 litres of stowage space available, including a huge glove box with a capacity of 18 litres, a cooled stowage compartment of 3 litres and a multi≠function pivoting drawer in the central unit, with two can-holders, a moveable ashtray and a cigar lighter that also serves as a 12V socket. Two extra gloveboxes (driver and passenger) are fitted in the upper part of the dashboard.

  • Each door at the front is fitted with two vast stowage bins able to hold a can, a 1 .5 litre bottle and A4 format documents.

  • The front seats are fitted with an elastic side strap to store flat objects such as road maps and document sleeves. The straps can be linked up from one seat to the next to create a stowage compartment. Depending on the model, the front seats may be fitted with a drawer and a 12V socket on the driver's side, accessible to front and rear passengers.

  • Passengers at the rear (in row two) have hinged aircraft-style trays with a cup-holder recess and a raised edge, map pockets and a pencil case. These are located on the backs of the front seats.

  • When the seat back is folded down, each seat in row two offers a desktop and two cup-holder recesses.

  • Each door at the rear is fitted with two stowage bins able to hold a can, a removable waste bin or ashtray, a 1.5 litre bottle and A4 format documents. The hard seat shells turn into a desktop with two cup-holder recesses that can be used when the seat backs are folded down. The raised edges hold objects in place, such as a file in A4 format.

  • The passengers at the rear (in row three) have access to a bottle-holder and can-holder in the side panels. A 12V socket is positioned on the right-hand side, where it can be used by passengers at the rear.

  • A removable waste bin can be placed in the bottle holder next to the seats. The cover features a recess designed to hold a can or the removable ashtray.

  • The cleverly designed boot features a luggage-space cover, lashing rings (on the floor, the pillars and at the top), two closed side stowage compartments, each with a capacity of almost eight litres (not available with the electric sliding side doors) and a boot net that can be fitted in two positions ("hammock" or horizontal).

A gigantic boot

The modular design of the seats makes it possible to adjust the boot volume from 225 dm3 (under parcel shelf, rear seats pushed back to the limit) to 2,948 dm3 according to the occupants' immediate needs. This huge volume, combined with the minimum width of 1.153 mm between wheel arches and the generous interior height, make the C8 a highly practical vehicle.

A bright and airy passenger compartment

All the passengers can enjoy travelling in the bright and airy passenger compartment, which offers a choice of light-coloured interior design schemes, a panoramic windscreen of 2 m2 and an optional electrically controlled triple tilt-and-slide sunroof of generous dimensions.This sunroof is tinted and fitted with a sunblind and anti-pinch function (with slide mechanism).

Individual comfort for shared travelling enjoyment

The C8 features air conditioning as standard, with seven vents at the front and four at the rear to distribute the air evenly, as well as a control panel, a "clear visibility" function to ensure quick and efficient demisting, and a pollen filter.

A modular air-conditioning system with automatic temperature control, standard on the SX and Exclusive, allows each passenger to adjust the climate settings to suit.The passenger compartment is split into four climate areas allowing different right-hand/left-≠hand temperature settings at the front and right-hand/left-hand regulation of the air flow at the rear. The system is completed by four additional vents for passengers in row three and a control/display panel.

Retractable sunblinds are available for the side windows and tailgate. The panoramic windscreen is low-conductivity for greater thermal comfort.A ventilation function activated by the HF remote control unit lowers all the windows simultaneously. This function, which relies on multiplexing technology, is much appreciated when the car has been parked in the sun for some time.