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The top-end MPV combining elegance and driving pleasure

Singular silhouette and roomy interior

Updated, prestige styling

With its powerful and dynamic styling, the C8 stands out at first glance. The MPV features style changes that strengthen its top-range positioning and consolidate CitroŽn’s position in the large MPV segment.
The C8 front end features new, enlarged chevron motifs in the centre of tauter radiator grill lines, featuring small chrome bars stressing the vehicle's statue-like elegance. The grille rim, with its more pronounced lines, provides the perfect junction with the bonnet and the headlights, taking perceived quality to new heights.
The top-range appearance of the MPV is also reflected in new chrome door handles and painted body protectors with a chrome strip at front and rear.
As though echoing the front end, the rear chevrons are more imposing than before, clearly denoting that the MPV forms an integral part of the CitroŽn range. Finally, the reversing lights are translucent.

A new interior that says "top of the range"

The restyling of the C8 cockpit is in keeping with the exterior style changes.
They stress the MPV's top-of-the-range position and ensure a refined onboard atmosphere.
All the door wood trims, the steering wheel, the carpet, the mats and the upper dashboard arch are now black. The main contact parts (stowage compartments in front doors, glove box handle, air vent thumbwheels…) have been treated in soft paint for a more pleasant feel. Lastly, the top-range positioning of the C8 cabin is underlined by the use of a brilliant chrome finish on the door handles, gear lever and air vent cursors.

Roomy and versatile interior

All the changes made inside the C8 stress the space and comfort on board.
With a 2.82 m wheelbase, the C8 meets the requirements of top-range MPV clients who want a truly spacious interior.
The design of the seats is a perfect illustration of the model's versatility and stresses that all passengers are treated equally in terms of individualised comfort. The C8 can seat up to eight people on three rows of identical seats. Furthermore, the highly modular approach to seating means the luggage compartment can vary in size from 225 litres to 2,948 litres depending on the needs of the moment. This large volume, the width of at least 1,153 mm between the wheel arches, and the interior height are extremely practical.

Lastly, the cabin is particularly welcoming thanks to the electric sliding side doors which ensure easy boarding in all circumstances, even if the MPV is parked close to a wall or between two other vehicles.

An engine with many advantages

Supple and discreet

The HDi 173 DPFS engine brings excellent driving pleasure thanks to the double parallel sequential turbo, a genuine innovation on a 4-cylinder diesel engine.
The double parallel sequential turbo ensures both ample torque at low engine speeds and instant response when the turbo is activated. The maximum torque of 273 lb/ft is reached at a low 1,500 rpm, and remains constant right up to 2,700 rpm, at the top of the most frequently used engine speed range.

The double parallel sequential turbo involves the use of two fixed-geometry turbo compressors identical in size. At low engine speeds, i.e. below 2,700 rpm, only one of the turbos operates. Its low inertia ensures that the engine is perfectly responsive. Above 2,700 rpm, it is bolstered by the second turbo to deliver the air intake needed over the full range of higher engine speeds.
A transitory phase, as the second turbo starts to rotate but is not yet connected to the admission, makes for smoother activation. The whole system is entirely controlled by the engine computer.

The use of two balancer shafts helps enhance the sense of driving pleasure by limiting engine vibration.

The HDi 173 DPFS engine is used in conjunction with a 6-speed manual gearbox that provides outstanding driving pleasure, ensuring extremely precise and rapid gear changes. The 6-speed gearbox is also compact, no bigger than a 5-speed unit, and results in no increase in turning circle.

In the course of 2008, this engine will also be made available in some countries with a 6-speed automatic gearbox.

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