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CitroŽn C3 Pluriel

A unique car with a host of configurations

The C3 range offers a demonstration of CitroŽn’s vitality and creative talent.

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The first versions of the C3 were quickly joined by other models equipped with a new engine – the 1.4 HDi 16V 66 kW EEC (92 bhp DIN) – and the SensoDrive robotised manual gearbox.

At the 2002 Paris Motor Show, CitroŽn is premiering the latest addition to the C3 range:

C3 Pluriel.

The C3 Pluriel is directly inspired by the “Pluriel demonstration vehicle”, a concept car presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1999 and in Geneva and Paris in 2000. This highly original vehicle heralded a new phase in modular vehicle design.

This concept has now become a reality. CitroŽn has developed the technical solutions necessary to offer a host of body configurations on the same vehicle.

With the C3 Pluriel, CitroŽn has taken a huge step forward in the quest for the ideal car:

  • able to satisfy user needs and requirements on a day-to-day basis,
  • adapting at will,
  • reflecting a leisure-oriented lifestyle.

The C3 Pluriel offers a host of body configurations on a single C3.

Starting off in the guise of a 3-door saloon, the C3 Pluriel can become a C3 Pluriel Panoramic Saloon, a C3 Pluriel Cabriolet, a C3 Pluriel 4-seater Spider or a C3 Pluriel Spider Pick-up.

C3 Pluriel Saloon: remarkable in its own right

The C3 and the C3 Pluriel were developed on the same platform, and a family resemblance can be seen in their generous volumes and convex waist lines.

These styling features clearly indicate membership of the C3 family.

The C3 Pluriel shares all the qualities of the 5-door version, in terms of safety, comfort and equipment.

However, all the body parts of the C3 Pluriel are specific, giving the car its own personality. A car of instant appeal, the C3 Pluriel features styling lines of fluid vitality.

C3 Pluriel Panoramic Saloon:
a radiant personality

Starting off as a 3-door saloon, the C3 Pluriel turns itself into a panoramic saloon that resembles no other. An invitation to a new travelling experience, this congenial 4-seater saloon is quite unlike its conventional counterparts.

Four electrically controlled side windows – without a central pillar – offer a panoramic view of the exterior, even from the rear seats.

The electric sunroof can be opened in several positions, and can be extended back over the entire roof surface.

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