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CAMONDO decorates the Visa

1982 article from le Double Chevron  68

Autocar - MŤre Peugeot’s Citroen
Visa described (1978)

The Camondo School and CitroŽn are accomplices of long standing.

Already in 1976, and again in 1977, the students at this School of Design and Architecture were given as projects the
decoration of the 2 CV and the “warpaint” of competition CXs.

In 1982 they met over the Visa: the management of CitroŽn Public Relations proposed that the students should look into how the exterior of a special series Visa might look. The rule of the game was that volumes were not to be changed except by means of the optical effect of the graphics placed on the body.

A jury made up of JoŽlle Le Tessier, who heads the magazine “Archicrťer”, poster artist Raymond Savignac, designers Georges Patrix and Edouard Maurel, as well as the head of CitroŽn Public Relations, J. Wolgensinger, examined the 68 projects, successively eliminating them until only 3 remained. But those three, all stemming from very different types of inspiration, dead-heated at the finish. No way could they be preferred one over the other, so there are 3 equal winners: Nathalie Fontaine, Zabeth Rapp, Sophie Bonnet who will, at CitroŽn‘s expense, go on a course at the Pasadena Art Center (California).

Bravo, Camondo!

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