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CitroŽn Visa series II 

Much less idiosyncratic to look at than the original Visa, the series II was very successful, remaining in production until 1989 while the C15 light van remained in production until 2005.

In 1983, a new Visa L was introduced, together with the 1,4 litre, 168 kph Visa GT.

The next addition to the Visa range was the 1984 launch of the Diesel 17 D and 17 RD models and new names for the Super E which became either the Visa 11 E or Visa 11 RE.

In 1985 came the 1.4 litre Visa 14 and the 1,6 litre, 188 kph Visa GTi and in 1987 came the 1,0 litre Visa 10 and a new dashboard without the PRN satellite.

The Visa was superceded by the AX.

A number of sports versions were built too including the 135 bhp Chrono and 4 x 4 Mille Pistes both of which proved very successful in competition.

A rag top dťcapotable was also built.

bootleg, three cylinder copy of the Visa was built in China.  


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