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CitroŽn Xantia facelift

Above left - 2,0i Turbo Activa
Above right - 1,9TD LX
Left - Revised interior layout
Below left - 1,9TD Estate
Below right - 1,8i 16v LX Estate
Below and right - 1,8i 16v SX

Above - revised dashboard - model pictured is Xantia Exclusive 

The new Xantia acquires a computer controlled, intelligent Auto Active transmission which can be mated to 1,8i 16v and 2,0 16v petrol engines and the 1,9 turbo diesel powerplant.

Employing the latest computerised technology, the four speed Auto Active gearbox combines all the driving pleasure of a manual shift with all the convenience of an automatic whilst overcoming poor fuel economy suffered by many automatic transmissions. This is achieved due to the use of torque convertor lock up in all four speeds. 

Electronic control of the gearbox uses "fuzzy logic" to choose from ten different gearchange patterns while its 56 channel computer is in constant communication with the engine management computer to provide a smooth, high quality gearchange. 

The transmission constantly monitors driving style and changing road conditions and adapts its ratio pattern accordingly - for instance to provide engine braking while descending a hill. The Xantia's Auto Active gearbox offers a choice of Normal, Sports or Snow settings to allow the driver to select the most appropriate set of shift patterns.

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