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CitroŽn XM 

Here are some pictures of the car I used to drive. It was a 1996 model, CT Turbo VSX automatic. My wife's old BX DTR Turbo now replaced by a Xantia ) is parked alongside.
In October 2000, I replaced this car with a 1998 XM CT Turbo Automatic - yes the same model and my wife replaced her Xantia 1,9 TD Xantia LX Berline with a 1998 1,9 TD Xantia VSX Break.  For pictures click here.

The CT Turbo is powered by a two litre, 4 cylinder engine of 1998 cm3 capacity developing 150 bhp @ 5 300 rpm and 177 lb/ft @ 2 500 rpm. The low pressure turbo charger provides maximum torque at just 2 500 rpm and maintains it across a wide rev band. Top speed is 132 mph/211 kph and 0 - 60 mph/100 kph comes up in about eight seconds. 

So what is the XM like to drive ?


Well-known Dutch CitroŽn enthusiast Arthur Fryling and me with our Turbo XMs

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