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Haynes International Motor Museum

Haynes International Motor Museum 

Near Yeovil
BA22 7LH

The Haynes International Motor Museum was opened in 1985 and is dedicated to restore, retain and preserve motoring and motorcycling items of historical and cultural interest in England but exhibits non-British vehicles on the grounds that the complete history of the automobile and motorcycle can only be covered by looking at developments from all over the world.

As is fit and proper, there are a number of CitroŽns on exhibit.

The museum was founded by John H Haynes, OBE, of Haynes Manuals fame.

Above left and right 1967 CitroŽn DS 19 BVH
Below left, the DS sandwiched between a 1973 SM and a 1955 11 CV Traction below right


Left another view of the Traction, DS and SM
Below the 1973 Maserati-powered SM


Left 1958 CitroŽn 2 CV

Above, below left and below right 1982 Maserati Merak SS, powered by a slightly modified three litre version of the engine that propelled the CitroŽn SM and using the high pressure hydraulic system to operate the brakes


Below left the Merak
Below right - not a CitroŽn, not even related to a CitroŽn apart from being French and idiosyncratic and built by Facel Metallon who built bodies for some of the post war Panhards - a 1960 Facel Vega HK500

Finally, left and below a 1922 5 HP Type C , CitroŽn's second model which was built between 1921 and 1926.

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