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1974 DS
These pictures are reproduced courtesy of Andrť Pol/Citroen Andre & Partners

Andrť Pol writes:
The car was assembled with mostly new parts.
In the late seventies a Dutch CitroŽn dealer started to collect all the parts needed to assemble a DS Prestige and a DS 23 Pallas IE.
The Prestige can be found on page 72 and 73 in John Reynolds' book "The Original DS".
We sold this Prestige at CitroMobile 2007.
The Pallas was never assembled and was sold several times.
When we got our hands on the unfinished project many parts were missing of course. Although we had many parts in stock we spent many months collecting the correct parts from all over the world.
I dare to say that working with new factory parts is more difficult than restoring a complete car in poor condition. This is the 3rd time we have done such a project and it's amazing to see how many differences there are between the molds that were used during all those years. Unequal body panels, non matching doors, Pallas trim and embellishers and incorrectly shaped windows are only a few examples.
Assembly started at the end of 2008, painting was done in the summer of 2009 and the car was presented at CitroMobile in May 2010.
The only non-original parts on the car (as far as I remember):

  • The radio + USB plug
  • GSM/GPS tracking system (invisible)
  • The green LHM tank (cars came with blank tanks; spareparts dept. supplied green ones though)
  • Front and rear speakers (invisible)
  • Rear parcel shelf equipped for two speakers
  • Incap ignition unit (invisible)
  • Rear accessory Chapron headrests (home-made; we have the moulds)
  • Speedo in MPH
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