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These photos were taken by Nigel Wild at the 2010 Retromobile in January 2010.

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The 2CV UMAP was presented at the 1957 Paris Salon and was the creation of Camille Marin who dressed the 2CV in a "new gown" - a 2+2 coupť made of polyester and fibreglass. Approximately 100 vehicles were built by Chape et Gasselin. Parts from other vehicles were used - the speedo came from the Traction, Renault interior fittings were used and the door handles came from the Alpine sports car. The car was not a success, despite considerable interest from the public. CitroŽn refused to supply UMAP with bare chassis 2CVs which pushed the price up.
Above left, above right and below left another camera car this time based on a Cadillac Eldorado with rear hydropneumatics and powered brakes - with Traction attached
Above 1971 ID20 Ambulance which was driven around the world by Manuel Boileau covering some 80,000km in three years.
Above a pair of Mťharis Above, below left and below right celebrating the 40th anniversary of the launch of the GS
Above left, above right, below left and below right not content with launching the technologically advanced GS in 1970 the company also introduced the high performance Maserati-powered SM

© Nigel Wild 2010/CitroŽnŽt