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Here was a stunning two door coupť based largely on XM mechanical bits fitted with a 3 litre V6 24 valve engine developing 200 bhp, an automatic 4 speed gearbox, an active antiroll system and a multi function VDU.

Activa 2 was the star of the 1990 Paris Motor Show

Much of the suspension technology would find its way into the Xantia Activa.

Activa 2 could have been put into production but CitroŽn felt that it would not have been commercially viable since in order to make a profit, it would have been competing with marques with a proven track record in building high performance coupťs and they considered it unlikely that Porsche and BMW and Mercedes owners would be seduced by the double chevron.  The fact that wealthy CitroŽn enthusiasts would have snapped it up did not sway PSA's management. Additionally, Calvet was worried it would look too good compared to the forthcoming XM.

Once again, Dan Abramson was responsible for the exterior design.

The full size model was shipped off to a shop in Italy to be moulded for plaster masters to serve for the metal work which Bertone agreed to do.

At the time, Bertone owed PSA money/work and had to accept the construction of Activa 2 even though they had NOTHING to do with the design.

Interior design was by the Centre de Style CitroŽn and a navigation system was built into the centre console - unheard of in 1990.

Below Art Blakeslee pictured with show cars all penned by Dan Abramson apart from Eco 2000 which was by Scott Yu

Left to right: Eco 2000 - Xanae - Berlingo Bulle - Activa - Activa 2

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