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CitroŽn G-mini prototype and projet EN101

In 1965, Robert Opron was tasked with designing a replacement for the 2CV. It would employ the flat twin engine from the 2CV.

Due for launch at the end of the decade, it was intended that 1000 cars would be built at Javel every day.

A number of designs were studied but ultimately rejected due to adverse feedback from potential clients.

The designs were highly innovative, offering unparallelled interior room within very compact exterior dimensions; a built-in child's seat and unheard of aerodynamic efficiency - a Cx of 0.32 (eventually bettered in 1986 by the AX which achieved a Cx of 0.31!).

Opron also investigated mounting the headlights behind the windscreen.

Above - in 1969, the Bureau d'Etudes worked on another project - EN101 - designed to investigate maximising interior space in a small car. EN101 built on the G-mini.

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