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Projet V80 and Projet Y30 - Citroën XM prototypes

Above design sketch by Dan Abramson dating from 1984

Below six examples of sketches for the CX replacement from the styling team at Vélizy.
Left sketch by Carl Olsen

In late 1984, PSA's Management Board asked three styling centres to submit their proposals for the new car - two of the centres were in-house PSA (Vélizy and Carrieres sous-Poissy) and the third was Bertone.


Marcello Gandini submitted these models


The Bertone and Vélizy proposals were given the go ahead to produce full scale clay models to Messrs. Calvet and Karcher by May 1986.

V 80 prototype #1

This design (left) dates from 1984 and was styled by Jean Giret at Vélizy. The picture below (left) shows another view of the same clay model.

This picture below shows another mock up of V-80, again designed by Jean Giret.

V-80 prototype Giret V-80