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Swiss carrossier Franco Sbarro has, over the years, worked his unique magic on Citroëns (and other cars too).

The Sbarro Aventure of 1986 was based on the Citroën C 15 van - the original vehicle's spartan utility is transformed into a shrine to hedonism and sheer, unadulterated luxury.

Front seats swivel and behind the two part rear bench are two occasional seats.

A CX windscreen is employed.

Sbarro Onyx

Above : difficult to detect beneath this exterior is a Citroën (née Oltcit) Axel - the floor pan, doors, part of the roof, bonnet as well as all the mechanical parts of the four cylinder car were retained.

Baptised Onyx, Sbarro revived this name for a ZX-based car, styled by the students at his automotive design school, Espace Sbarro.

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