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CX2 5GTi
The CX25GTi is a particularly luxurious car but also has lively performance. The 2.5 litre. fuel injected 138hp engine and 3-speed automatic transmission takes it from 0 to 60mph in 11.6 seconds, then on to a top speed of 121mph. For optimum roadholding and handling, low profile 195/70 MXV tyres are fitted on wide 6J14 alloy wheels. The Antilock Braking System is fitted as standard.
Creature comforts are to the same level as on the CX22TRS. This means that there's plush  seating,  thick carpeting and a fully comprehensive instrument  panel.  Other standard features   include twin halogen headlamps. infra-red remote control central locking. automatic rear screen demister cut out. tinted glass. headphone socket and an additional 12 volt outlet in the rear.  A special VIP package (included as standard) provides chevron patterned velour trimmed seats and door panels, front and rearhead restraints in the stvlc as fitted to CX 25 GTi Turbo 2 models, electrically operated door mirrors and power windows all round.
Principal options: Metallic superlustre paintwork, leather upholstery, air conditioning, electric sunroof.

CX25DTR Turbo 2

The CX25DTR Turbo 2 features a new 2500cc, 120hp turbo diesel engine that has been re-designed to take full advantages of the benefits of fuel charge intercooling. This intercooling ensures great reliability and produces perform-ance on a par with fast petrol engined models.
The extra power yield has been used to increase the low speed torque giving acceleration from 0 to 60mph in just 10.4 seconds and high-geared, low-rev fast cruising speeds which are remarkably quiet and fuel-efficient. Top speed is an amazing 121mph. The new CX 2SDTR Turbo 2 is more economical than slower machines, giving you astonishing range - on a full tank and at a steady 75mph you could travel up to 640 miles without stopping for fuel. Responsive handling and roadholding is further assisted by the alloy wheels and low profile 195/70 MXV tyres. ABS Anti-lock braking is standard. You’ll find seating, carpeting. instruments and controls are the same as on the CX 25GTi Automatic including the luxury VIP Package, tinted glass and central locking.
Principal options: As for CX 25GTi Automatic.