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CX25GTi Turbo 2
A large car that exceeds the performance of many sports saloons.
Now including an intercooler to cool and increase the density of air entering the engine, the CX 25GTi Turbo 2's 2.5 litre fuel-injected engine's turbocharger boosts power by 22% and torque by 40%, compared with conventionally aspirated models. Power output is 168hp at 5000 rpm. Acceleration 0-60mph takes just 7.7 seconds. Top speed is 138 mph. ABS anti-lock braking provides reassuring all weather stopping.
Unlike other turbos that are sluggish at lower speeds the CX25GTi Turbo 2 gives plenty of torque at low revs. So town driving is as easy as motorway cruising.
Any performance car worth the name must have roadholding and stability to match its power. The CX25GTi Turbo 2's uprated self levelling suspension gives it the characteristic Citroën ride while stiffer damping and anti-roll bar ratings have been specified. The wide alloy wheels with ultra low profile 210/55 TRX tyres contribute to the firm and responsive handling.
You'll find refinements such as an outside air temperature display, audible warning for left-on lights, automatic cut-off heated rear screen demister, and single-touch electric driver's door win-dow. Standard specification includes power windows front and rear, chevron patterned velour upholstery, front and rear head restraints and rear seat belts.
Principal options: Metallic Superlustre paintwork, leather upholstery, air conditioning, electric sunroof.