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1987 UK Citroën CX Brochure  Return to CX Index page


Few manufacturers offer really big estates - and only Citroën  offers a vehicle as versatile and right for its purpose as the CX. Arguably, the CX is the only large estate designed for the job from the ground up.


It starts with something as basic as the car's length. Unlike other European production estates, the CX estate has a longer wheelbase than its regular saloon equivalent. This doesn't just mean more loadspace, though it’s an enormous 76.7 cu. ft. maximum or 41.1 cu. ft. with rear seat passengers. The long wheelbase has a fundamental effect on the usefulness of the CX Estate and on its performance and handling. This is because if a load is placed behind the rear axle, as would be inevitable in a fully loaded conventional estate, it would have a tendency to lift the front of the car and to increase pitching of the body - affecting steering control, the handling, ride comfort and aerodynamic  efficiency.  The CX's "wheel on each corner" design with its minimal rear overhang effectively avoids this problem.


Only Citroën can offer you the advantage,  particularly  relevant  to estates, of self levelling hydropneumatic suspension.  Briefly  (though  it  is explained in more detail earlier in this brochure) hydropneumatic suspension does not become softer as the vehicle is loaded, so the car's body height - and angle to the road and ride quality - remain the same regardless of whether the car has only the driver aboard or a full payload of up to 700kg. This means that a CX Estate remains consistently comfortable and safe - and that it can safely manage a greater payload than any other estate in Europe.


The CX is the only really large estate car in Europe with front wheel drive. This further maximises the load space because there's no transmission tunnel nor bulky differential housing at the rear.  Front wheel drive also places more of the car's unladen weight forward, improving handling - and traction in snow or if you need a car that can be used off-road occasionally. The CX estate range includes high performance and luxury models including a well specified and fast turbo diesel model. Familiale models can carry up to eight occupants and still have a loadspace of 16.2 cu. ft. All models feature Citroën's exclusive Varipower speed regulated power steering system and powered braking with ventilated front and rear disc brakes. Rear brake pressure is limited by load on the rear suspension to help prevent rear wheel lock and ABS anti lock braking is standard on fuel injected petrol-engined and on turbo diesel-engined models.