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CX22RS Safari
The CX 22RS Estate gives you much more for your money. More of every-thing. First, the carrying capacity. With its long wheelbase, extra rear body length and height ther&s over 41.1 cu. ft. of space with 5 passengers comfortably aboard - 76.7 cu. ft. when the rear seats are folded down. Plenty of room for a 690kg payload.
Citroën's self-levelling hydropneumatic suspension means the car's ride and handling remain consistent whatever is being carried - passengers or loads and ensures that the CX 22RS remains level when ifs loaded. Varipower steering, positive handling and firm roadholding all make for relaxed, enjoyable driving. The aerodynamically efficient lines and the light alloy engine that delivers 115hp means the CX 22RS is capable of a very useful 112mph. The CX20RE features electric front windows and tinted glass all round as standard.
Principal options: Metallic Superlustre paintwork.