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NEMO - a new light van

PSA Peugeot CitroŽn, together with Fiat and in conjunction with Turkish manufacturer Tofas are launching a range of ultra-compact LCVs (Light Commercial Vehicles). Measuring 3.86 meters in length, the new vans are surprisingly roomy inside, with a load volume of 2.5 cubic meters. A stowable passenger seat enables capacity to be increased to 2.8 cubic meters for a loading space length of 2.5metres.These highly functional vehicles feature optimal loading height and large side-hinged rear doors and sliding side doors that make the loading bay easily accessible.

Above left and below left - the Peugeot Bipper

Above and below - the Fiat Fiorino

Nemo: a compact intelligent commercial vehicle

CitroŽn is to launch Nemo, a new addition to its range of light commercial vehicles. Nemo is the new entry-level model in an LCV range that already comprises three models: the Berlingo, Jumpy and Jumper.

A new concept tailored to the world today

Traffic in and around cities is becoming increasingly dense and heavy, and the space available to road transport is continuing to shrink, but Nemo is in its element. It is the perfect commercial vehicle for nipping in and out of city streets. With its compact dimensions, optimised living space, ingenious design and economical features, this attractive new model will perfectly fit the requirements of compact van buyers.

Compact exterior dimensions and optimised living space

A compact and generous vehicle, Nemo features:

  • compact exterior dimensions. 3ust 3.86 m long and easy to handle, it is as much as ease in the city as a small passenger car;
  • its ingenious design combines compact size with a line-up of features that are generous (load volume of 2.5 m3 and payload of 610 kg) and practical: rear asymmetrical swing doors, a modular protective grid and one or two sliding side doors;
  • a modular passenger seat, Extenso, with a host of possible configurations.

A wide range of features for vehicle efficiency and passenger comfort

Nemo stands as a benchmark in its class for its low price tag, economical cost-in-use and proven range of engines combining low fuel consumption with respect for the environment (ll9g of C02 per km with the diesel engine).
It also brings the occupants features worthy of a passenger vehicle: modern styling and layout, generous comfort, ergonomic controls, a bright interior and safety features tailored to needs.
Modern styling with status
Nemo features modern styling with status. Its appealing looks underline its intrinsic qualities.
Its design lines convey an impression of robust strength and underline the generous interior volume and convenience in use.

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