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Donfeng CitroŽn China

Since 1984, CitroŽn has built cars for the Chinese market.The Xantia and XM V6 Exclusive are sold in China under the local name Fengshen. They are assembled by a small workshop in Huizhou, Guangdong province, near Hongkong. 

In China, the import of parts is much cheaper than that of entire cars due to customs duties and taxes which represented up to 80% of a car’s list price. However, import tariffs for parts were set at 25%.

A number of foreign car companies  set up joint ventures in southern Guangdong Province where corruption was rife.  The joint venture would then set up a factory, import parts (in most cases these were near-complete vehicles minus wheels, wipers, mirrors, lights, badges, etc. which were sourced in China) from abroad and 'manufacture' cars in China.

In 1999, the government in Beijing clamped down on this loophole and factories were closed and the corrupt officials were removed from their posts.

Along with many other manufacturers, Citroen produced’the XM and Xantia in a joint venture called Fengshen-Citroen  in the small city of Huizhou in Guangdong Province. Fengshen was a joint venture with Dongfeng which legally made cheap Citroens for the Chinese market.

Strangely enough, both XMs and Xantias used the name XM. The middle of the boot shows the Dongfeng logo, the mother factory of the Fukang ZX.  On the right it says Fengshen-Xietuolong. Xietuolong is Chinese for CitroŽn. Fengshen-Citroen obtained a permit to build the XM but failed to get one for the Xantia. So Fengshen-Citroen called both cars XM, and the problem was solved.

Donfeng CitroŽn China XM Donfeng CitroŽn China XM

Production is in small numbers. In 1996-1997 there were indications that Dongfeng was interested in producing the XM itself, as a competitor to the Audi 200 which the other big Chinese car maker (FAW) produces. There was even some ckd-production in the Xiangfan factory where the first ZX were ckd-produced before the works in Wuhan was ready.

Donfeng CitroŽn China XM Donfeng CitroŽn China XM

Specific to the Chinese market is the Fengshen-Xietuolong Xantia V6 Exclusive XM above.

The XM is also sold in China.  The car above is a Fengshen-Xietuolong XM.  

Thanks to Erik van Ingen Schenau for the images and information.  Visit Erik's website .

Donfeng CitroŽn China 988

Specific to the Chinese market is the 3 box Fukang 988 based on the ZX.


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