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GSA 1976 Dyane brochure
Dyane Edelweiss Dyane Capra

Spanish production of the Dyane started in 1968.  The car was virtually identical to the French-built vehicles although later models had wind-down (as opposed to sliding) windows.
Two Spanish-market models were introduced: The Capra in 1980 followed by the Edelweiss a year later. The Edelweiss was fitted with Peugeot 104 rear lights.

Following the success of the AZU and AK versions of the 2CV, the Spanish factory introduced the AYU Dyane 6 400 in 1977 and it remained in production until 1987.  It employed many of the bodywork components of the AK400 but used a different chassis.  Three different models were available - Isotermo without rear side windows, Mixta with a folding front passenger seat permitting access to the removable rear seats  (this model was exported to Switzerland and Belgium and in the latter country was sold as the Acadiane Mixta) and Dyane 6 400 which was exported to many Western European countries where it was sold as the Acadiane.

Above left Acadiane
Above right Isotermo
Below left Dyane-6-400
Below right Dyane-6-400 Mixta

Left the last Acadiane in 1987

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