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The XM - the replacement for the CX, employed high prressure hydraulics for the brakes, steering and suspension and like the BX used McPherson struts fitted with hydropneumatic spheres at the front. Where the XM differed from its predecessors was in the fitting of Hydractive suspension whereby a third sphere was fitted to each axle. This third sphere was switched in and out of circuit and was controlled by an on-board computer. When the third sphere was in-circuit, the ride was soft with little roll stiffness - like other hydropneumatic cars; when the sphere was out of circuit, the ride stiffened up and little body roll occurred; thereby improving handling and grip while retaining the legendary comfort for which hydropneumatic suspension is renowned.

XM front suspension
XM rear suspension

For more information on how Hydractive works, go to the XM pages. The Hydractive system was revised when the Series II XM was launched and was henceforth known as Hydractive 2.

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