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1985 article about the limited edition BX Digit

The BX 19 Digit is a version of the BX 19 GT with a super-electronic driving console, in a special series which is limited to 3,000 cars, and which will be marketed in France and nine other European countries from September 1985.

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The BX 19 Digit is a BX 19 GT (4 cylinder engine, 1905 cc, giving 105 hp and a top speed of I03 mph). It features very comprehensive equipment which is mostly electronic, including:

  • an electronic dashboard including, notably, a central stylised diagrammatic display of speed, doubled with a digital display theref as well as a semi-circular stylised display of the number of revs per minute of the engine.

  • the existing warning light, detecting whether or not the four doors are closed is supplemented by a warning light, to the left of the dashboard, indicating whether the bonnet and rear hatchback are open.

  • all mechanical controls, water, oil, etc. are situated together to the right of the dashboard.

  • above the dashboard: overall kilometre counter, and daily counter.

  • a BX I9 GT style on-board computer with screen, the information from which can also be displayed on the electronic dashboard (reminder switch).

  • a high quality HI-FI car radio, including “woofer” under the dashboard, two tweeters and two loudspeakers in the padded door panels, two appliances for headphones and a 12 volt plug.

  • remote control for the locking and unlocking of doors, which also operates the internal lighting.

  • detection of non-functioning rear lamps by means of a light situated on the dashboard (to the left).

  • a switch for regulating the lighting of the interior.

  • warning signal indicating that warning lights are flashing.

The electronic facia of the BX 19 Digit is clear, legible and well structured. It provides the driver with selected, precise and essential information. It is efficient, discreet and silent.
It seems that electronics will be closely linked to the progress of the automobile for a long time to come. With this version, which uses the most refined automobile techniques, the BX reconfirms its modern image, and finds itself once again in the limelight of innovation.

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