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The interior design of the C4 places the emphasis on relaxation, with:

• discreet, high-tech interior styling, reflected in the understated dashboard design,

• innovations for simplicity and ergonomics.


For example, the multifunctional fixed-centred controls  steering wheel brings the main comfort functions (audio system, telephone, etc.) and driving aids (speed limiter, cruise control, etc.) within easy reach. This ergonomic feature, which places the emphasis on easy-to-use controls, promotes driving pleasure.


The steering wheel is associated with a new driving information display unit. Vehicle speed, speed limiter and cruise control settings, etc. are displayed on a translucent strip in the centre of the dashboard. The display contrast adjusts instantly to ambient light conditions to ensure a clear read-out at all times.


All these advanced functions create a relaxed atmosphere in the passenger compartment, further enhanced by the scented air freshener styled to match the interior, and the laminated side windows for acoustic comfort. In terms of practical features, the C4 features a host of stowage compartments including a boot foldaway partition to hold objects firmly in place.