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The C4 Saloon and the C4 Coupé each have their own distinctive style. However, they share the same generous interior space, contributing to the comfort of the passenger compartment. 

The saloon has rounded forms, while the coupé favours a sharper line. Both vehicles share smooth, fluid lines for outstanding aerodynamics, one of Citroën’s traditional strengths (Cd of 0.28 for the coupé and 0.29 for the saloon). The two vehicles also share the same interior space. Knee room for passengers at the rear is among the best in the segment (17 cm when the seat is pushed back to the maximum). 

By offering a saloon and coupé, Citroën is pursuing the strategy initiated in the supermini segment, where it has three complementary offers (C2, C3, and C3 Pluriel), each with distinctive styling to address wide-ranging customer tastes.


The C4 Saloon and the C4 Coupé have very different styling, while also sharing a number of features that identify them as members of the same family. 

The style of the C4 is characterised by decisive architectural choices. Its height is limited in order to optimise aerodynamics, road behaviour and fuel consumption. In consequence, power and fluid design lines emerge as the key traits qualifying the C4. 

However, the real signature of the C4 can be read in its strong exterior features, some of which are common to both the saloon and the coupé. 

These distinctive signs can be seen on the front end in particular, with the chrome chevrons spanning the full width of the radiator grille, and the boomerang-shaped lights extending up to the vehicle wings. Other distinctive features include the flag-shaped rearview mirrors on the front doors, which give prominence to the sides of the C4. 

Looking beyond these shared attributes, Citroën is offering two clearly differentiated body styles:

  • a saloon of fluid, dynamic lines with strong curves,
  • a coupé of longer, sharper lines with a plunging tail line.

In both cases: smoothly flowing contours with an ever-present emphasis on aerodynamics. 


The C4 Saloon boasts smooth, protective bodywork, with unique exterior styling. Its profile is traced in a single line, with a strongly raked windscreen that extends the taut lines of the bonnet, before moving smoothly on to the curve of the roof. 

Similarly, the high, arched waist line reinforces the feeling of safety and protection enjoyed by the passengers. 

The harmonious design is combined with a long window line, which draws out the cabin and enhances the fluid lines of the saloon. 

The body style of the C4 Saloon shows distinctive lines of force, which underline its dynamic character. In addition to the headlamps placed either side of the double chevron on the radiator grille, other particularly striking styling features include:

  • rear lights whose geometric shape expresses dynamic power. The lower part underlines the vehicle’s stability, while the upper part runs along the rear window up to the lip at the top of the tailgate;
  • quarter windows and a waist line suggesting controlled power.


The exterior styling of the C4 Coupé owes its force to its dynamic and fluid body lines, combining a long wheelbase and long front overhang with a short rear overhang. The coupé’s profile reflects the quest for optimised aerodynamics. The receding lines converging towards the rear of the vehicle suggest movement and fluidity. The waist line – slightly curved towards the rear – and the prominent wings, suggest stability and good roadholding. 

The C4 Coupé possesses a distinctive style, with a flowing, easily recognisable profile, and a reverse-sloping rear window with an astonishingly spacious passenger compartment. Its styling combines sportiness and interior space.