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CitroŽn Visa

1978 - 1988

Autocar - MŤre Peugeot’s Citroen
Visa described (1978)

The Visa was launched at the Paris Salon in 1978 and once again' like the LN and LNA, was based on the underpinnings from the Peugeot 104 although housed in the VD body, as was the Oltcit and Axel

Three models were available initially - the Spťcial and Club, both fitted with the 652cm3 engine which they shared with the LNA while the Visa Super used the Peugeot 1,1 litre unit.  The Visa must be one of the few cars available with a choice of in-line or transversely mounted engines.

Suspension was by MacPherson struts at the front and trailing arms with coil springs at the rear but despite this concession to conservative Peugeot engineering, the Visa's springing had been reworked to provide the traditional soft CitroŽn ride.

In 1981, the range was revamped with the addition of the Super E which was mechanically similar to the old Super and a new Super X fitted with a 1 219cm3 engine.

The interior of the Visa was pure CitroŽn with a PRN satellite (P=Pluie - rain, R=Route - road,  N=Nuit - Night) which gave access to wipers, washers, horn, indicators, headlamps and flashers, all on one cylindrical unit mounted a finger's reach away from the steering wheel.

In March 1981, the Visa II was introduced.  Mechanically identical to the old models, the nose had been completely redesigned and the tail was lightly retouched.

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