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Visa Platine and GT Tonic limited editions

1983 article from le Double Chevron  73

In September 1983, three new special editions were launched in France - two Visas and the GSA Cottage Break.

Fitted with the 1,124 cc, 50 BHP engine of the Visa 11 RE, the Platine Visa has a varnished metallic Neptune gray-colored body with black hood trim, bumpers, and side trim, tinted glass.  It is fitted with light alloy wheels, and X2X tyres as standard. Seats with headrests borrowed from the Visa GT (seats and side panels are in gray jersey and red plaid.

Equipped for radio and rear windscreen wiper.

Production limited to 2,000.

An edition limited to 2,000 units based on the Visa Chrono, the Visa Tonic is fitted with the 1,360 cc engine, 80 BHP of the Visa GT.

It is all white, including the grill and bumpers.  It is equipped with wheel arch extensions, long distance headlights integrated in side aprons, a streamlined underbody, light alloy wheels, and a round dial dashboard.

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