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15th International CitroŽn Car Clubs Rally

Harrogate, Yorkshire, England 2012

We arrived in Harrogate on Thursday afternoon in glorious sunshine which made a change after the torrential rain we had suffered in the weeks prior to the event.

Above and below British-built Traction

Above Usine Dťcapotable

Above Jaeger dash in this beautiful Usine Dťcapotable

Above and below Usine Dťcapotables

Below line up of D Series cars

Above and below Tangara

Above Slough-built Bijou

Above and below SM 'Breadvan' rally car

Above dashboard of SM 'Breadvan' rally car
Below 10 HP Type A

Above and below 2CV cabriolet

The Conservatoire provided a selection of interesting vehicles

Above C60 prototype

Below TPV prototype

Above Traction Faux Cabriolet

Above Urbain 1 prototype

Below Urbain 2 prototype

Above Projet Y prototype

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