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The following pictures were taken by Brian Cass of Semantics , the SM Section of the CitroŽn Car Club at Rťtromobile which was held at the Porte de Versailles, to the south west of Paris, France in February 2000.

Above - CitroŽn GZ Birotor - powered by a Wankel rotary engine - right
Above, below and rightProjet L prototype which led eventually to the CX
Above and right - Panhard DB
Below - Panhard cylinder head
Above and left Chapron La Croisette prototype - note the use of the rear doors and rear wings of the berline - the join between them being covered by a chromed vertical strip.
Above - 1970 CitroŽn GS
Below and left B10 Sapeurs Pompiers
Below - Panhard air-cooled flat twin engines
© 2000 Brian Cass and Julian Marsh