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SM Prototypes and Panhard CitroŽn Maserati

Far closer to the production cars, this prototype is fitted with a massive airduct and over sized tyres and was also used for anti-roll suspension tests.

The injection system air intakes protrude through a cut-out in the bonnet (a temporary solution). The engine was enlarged to three litres and fitted with 24 valves, it developed an astonishing 380 bhp and offered a top speed in excess of 300 kph.

It was proposed to market a version of this car which would be called the SM Sport.

The incredible Panhard CitroŽn Maserati 

In 1970, the Bureau d'Etudes constructed a prototype which could have led to the moribund name of Panhard being revived.

A steel chassis, similar in concept to that of the 2 CV was fitted with a Maserati V 6 of 2 670 cm3 capacity offering 240 bhp.

The front of the chassis carried the hydropneumatic suspension from the SM and on top of it was mounted a lengthened and widened Panhard 24 body.

This vehicle was also employed to study "...a number of parameters such as the mechanical and hydraulic disposition of body roll and dynamic correction of attitude."